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Our first in a series of Two-Player playthroughs that we love! The choices have been thoughtfully procured, but we'd love to see what games you'd like to see us play--like, share, subscribe, and PLEASE COMMENT what games you want us to try for a future Two-Player Tuesday! Today, we feature Splendor.
Today, we feature Azul, a beautiful and relaxing abstract masterpiece. We'd love to see what two-player games YOU like to play. Please like this video, share, subscribe, and COMMENT what game you want us to try. Maybe you'll see us play it on a future Two-Player Tuesday!
Today, we feature Lost Cities, a competitive card game that takes you to places you've never been before. THIS WEEK, SHARING this video will get you entered to win a copy of Lost Cities! Don't miss your chance, hit that share button! The winner will be announced 7/31/18.
Today, we feature Hive, a chess-like movement game with cute artwork and easy to learn gameplay. Head to our shop at to see what else you might like to check out! We'd love to see what two-player games YOU like to play, so please like, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already to keep in the loop!
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